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True Ventures isn’t just a cryptocurrency fund.

True Ventures is an investment firm in Palo Alto, California, that works with venture capital. The company puts money into businesses facing a wide range of problems. Education, consumer devices, mobile, software, and infrastructure are some of the areas where it focuses. But True Ventures’ profile is more than just its list of projects.

True Ventures’ True Entrepreneur Corps Fellowship has been around for more than 10 years and has helped college students who want to start high-impact technology companies get their feet wet. It also has a program called the Priya Haji Fellowship for women, transgender, and genderqueer people who are just starting in technology. More than 100 students have used it to start their careers.

The people who started True Ventures come from many different places. Jon started Mountain Bike Outfitters when he was only 18 years old. Before he joined True, he worked as an associate at Summit Partners and joined AOL’s Greenhouse venture capital group. He also worked as a managing director at Globespan Capital Partners and for an online publishing company.

The fund of True Ventures invests in companies in groups of four to five people. First Round Capital, Felicis Ventures, and Uncork Capital all have more investors in their funds than True Ventures. However, it has built a firm brand name and has enough money to participate in later-stage financing rounds.

Since 2007, True Ventures has been putting money into the business. The company’s founding team is made up of entrepreneurs who love starting and growing businesses. True’s investment philosophy is to build a company that can improve the world. To do this, the team is also working to make founders more aware of how they lead.


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